Timeline of kitchen

Kitchens have always been an important part of the house irrespective of era, though the form of importance kept changing over the time. From just being used as a fire pit to cook food to being one of the most fun and quality time spent places in the house we have come a long way. But have you ever wondered how did we reach here?

Starting from the basics, there was simple open fire which was used for different purposes but soon the idea of houses emerged and bricks and wood was places in such setup which would hold pots and pans in place. Now because there weren’t any fire managing tools back then thus metal pots were hung above fire which let the food cook on desired temperature. But the downside of such setups was that the smoke which fire created was extremely hard to manage until the 16th century when chimneys were introduced. Smoke was drawn up through them making it easier for people to breathe and create larger cooking fires to cook feasts. Then comes the time of evolution of stoves and kitchens when French designers came into the picture to create wood fuelled stoves. But one of the most famous stoves which remained in use for more than a century was the coal stoves. They came in all sizes and shapes with modernized operating principles that allowed people to use them in a vast range.

The major problem in all these stoves were that they did a lot to serve humanity but very little to serve the climate. Soon concerns of air pollution and climatic change came into picture which went hand in hand with the discovery of gas. By the year 1920, gas stoves were used in majority of the domestic kitchens and then the modern kitchens were developed. World War II made huge impacts on kitchen and this is where their modern designs started developing. Kitchens started from being quieter, cleaner, organized to improvement in style. Kitchens soon became a part of luxury and showing off their modern utensils and equipments which spoke for their high status in the society and soon life became happening around them. And this is how we reached to the modern French design kitchens that we use today.

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