These days mostly shopping of people is done via online shopping stores. Online shopping trend is getting popularity due to busy life of people. There are two ways of online shopping via computer or via mobile. These days, people prefer online shopping via mobile than computer. Many stores have made their mobile applications for shopping. These applications are used through smart mobile phones only, with the simple cellular mobile phone these applications cannot be used. It is not possible for anyone to move computer along with but people can easily carry the smartphone by using pocket of their dress and it is very handy that smart phone can be used at any place, at anywhere, at any time. Online shopping through computer is little bit difficult than mobile shopping. First of all, you have to go for computer then start it and after waiting for some time operate it for online shopping. But shopping by computer has one big advantage that is the pictures of the product, while choosing the desired product, product can be seen more properly than on mobile’s small screen.

There are so many markets in the world where giant buildings have been made for shopping especially buildings that are big and tall in Dubai. In these markets, all the variety of products are available where a buyer can physically examine the product for shopping. But the issue for this shopping is that you have to go yourself from your place. Nowadays, online shopping introduce return policy from which you can return the product if you do not satisfy with the purchased product. In this way, physical examination problem can be solved.

Another benefit of online shopping is that it saves time. Because, when you think of shopping then you have to decide where to go and then arrange transport for market visit. After visiting market, try to find out your desired product. These all are too much time taking. At the other end, if go for online you may immediate start searching online shopping stores and it takes few minutes to find out your desired shopping. In short time, you can view many products and their details. Some products are not available at all the shops you have to search the particular shops. For instance, you can easily find plus size swimwear in UAE, but it is difficult by physical shopping.