Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Types

There are three main different types of pool material that are commonly used; fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. It is important to make sure that you are aware of all the details about the pool before you get them inserted in your backyard with the help of landscaping companies in Dubai letting your place glam up.

If we compare the fiberglass and concrete, we see a huge difference between these two pools and ultimately find that fiberglass fits best. The reasons are several. First one being the maintenance. Fiberglass is extremely easy to clean and according to a certain survey its users spend only 25% of their time cleaning the pools. This is because fiberglass does not have a porous surface. A porous surface is usually found in concrete pools which give space for algae to live and make themselves comfortable. Due to this, the concrete pool owners need to keep their pools scrubbing every week or else their pools are going to turn bad.

Apart from the algae, cleaning and maintaining, chemicals is also a big part of it. You need to keep the concrete pools always filled with acid and different kind of alkaline so that it maintains the pH levels in the water and prevents algae and other material from invading the pool.

Where as, if we take a look at the installation time and process, we see a significant difference in both types and fiberglass again taking the lead. If you contact a swimming pool company in Dubai you will realize that a concrete pool takes 4-6 months for installation while a fiberglass takes only 2-3 days. The reason behind is that the fiberglass pools are made in the companies themselves and later installed in, but concrete ones are built in from scratch in your backyard.

Vinyl pools are scary because of the liners. These liners affect the durability of pools and makes it extremely expensive for them to replace. Also there is no guarantee of liners as they can again get damaged the same way they did earlier. The reasons of damage can be very common, such as tree branches or furniture blowing up the pools. That is why fiberglass is a lot more durable and can withstand all sorts of damages.

By taking a look at these facts, fiberglass seems to be winning the game.