Symptoms of depression to be worried about

Depression is an ailment which fences in its host directly and profoundly but there is good news for depression victims that this is absolutely curable if diagnosed early and treated competently. There are several institutes of depression treatment in which Dubai psychiatrist are working to provide state of the art treatment for patients so that they can toil as helpful citizens. Counselors for depression Dubai provides a list of symptoms which can be distinguished at early stage so that the treatment will start early. To know more see the following symptoms:

Mood change: These people are vulnerable to mood change which means that they can not control their response about any event which happens against their will. Another symptom regarding mood change is that their mood will become unpredictable. At one moment you see them very happy and at the next moment they seem extremely sad. They can become angry without any proper reason and can start crying in happy moments.

Weight change: If someone starts loosing or gaining weight unintentionally i.e, loosing weight without any dieting or gym or weight gain without eating much then it is a visible sign of depression. Weight change is different for different people. Some people may feel very hungry when they are depressed so they gain more weight than usual and some may feel literally no urge to eat and as a result they start loosing weight.

Frequent thoughts of self harm: At the peak stage of depression people start thinking about self harm recurrently and determinedly which leads them towards thinking about suicide. The thought of attempting suicide does not come at once without any reason. There is always a long list of reasons for which a person thinks about suicide at the end. All of this usually starts from being alone most of the time.

All the above mentioned symptoms are those which are observed recurrently but it doesn’t indicate that these are the only symptoms. Every person show different signs according to their nature and behavior but the important thing is to embark upon this illness with full support and understanding. It is the ethical duty of every person that they should talk about their loved ones if they feel any irregular change in their behavior. Because sometimes only a good talk can heal the victim.