Things to look for in a depression counsellor before hiring one

When was the last time you took time off from work and spent it on your personal wellbeing? If it happened a while ago, then know that it is time to make some arrangements. Many depression patients don’t know if they are suffering from it until they are told, but there is nothing unusual in it. You will find many around you at the workplace suffering from some degree of anxiety or depression which is quite common these days. But, knowing about depression is one thing, but leaving it untreated and administered is another, and this is something you must not do. Keep in mind that leaving your depression as is without properly administering it will create problems for you. On the contrary, those who tend to take proper treatment for their depression and do so on time, they increase their chances of becoming healthy and living a normal life. If you want that to happen, and want to have a normal life just as you did before you were diagnosed with depression, then you must look for couple counselling Dubai and make sure that the one at your disposal has the following qualities in him:

Qualifications and skills

Know that your counsellor will make you talk, and in doing so he will likely let speak things that you usually don’t. This will help you feel relaxed and relieved. But, will just about any counsellor make you say it all or do you need to have access to a counsellor with some special credentials? Well, know that credentials are always important so you must look for a counsellor who has qualifications and skills to treat patients. You should make it a criteria and note down things that you must look for in the counsellor. Soon, you will likely end up finding counsellors with required credentials.


The counsellor you hire must have excellent reputation. In other words, you don’t need to get in touch with the one that may not be up to the mark, or doesn’t meet your needs. Reputation is important, as it lets you know if the counsellor is well known for positive reasons in the market. Also, you will likely visit a counsellor with excellent reputation anyway whether you had more knowledge about him or not.


You must find and reach an experienced counsellor as he enjoys better exposure and knows what it takes to treat patients having anxiety and depression. Find out here more about this.