What to have in meals to keep teeth and body strong

If you want to be healthy, then a single day of exercise won’t make you healthy. You need to change your lifestyle completely to turn into a strong bodied person.

You need to reduce the intake of drinks and sugary foods to make your teeth healthy so much that you do not need to search for root canal specialist Dubai or visit best pediatric dentist in Dubai.

It is not difficult to change your diet. All you have to do is to add flavours in healthy food. You can have proper meals in healthy diet but it should be in this way:

Breakfast: Try to have rich breakfast. Your breakfast should have a glass of milk, fruit salad that consists of different berries,  bananas,  grapes and few others to make it wholesome. Besides this, try to have handful of nuts and dry fruits too in the end to ensure that you have taken all nutrients. You can even have omelette in breakfast, instead of salad. And if you love cheese so you can have something cheesy like cheese sandwich or something healthy. Breakfast have a lot of options to eat. You can replace milk with smoothie if you want to add colours because smoothie does not have sugar even. It has fruits and milk. So, it is guaranteed to be healthy and nutritious.

Lunch: Lunch can be lighter. You can prepare a vegetable or fruits salad or you can make a mixture of both to have something light and freshening. You can even prepare a delicious soup and rice too. If you love curry, so you can prepare that too. You can even make sandwiches or healthy burgers too that won’t effect your teeth as much. In liquids you can prefer water or make a fresh juice but the juice should not have sugar. You can add honey, instead of sugar, to add sweetness. Try to have as much nutrients as possible. You should have concentrate on intake of proteins and carbohydrates more. Therefore, you can make a simple steak or meaty thing too. Dinner: Dinner should be the lightest. You can have salad, a glass of milk or hone-made bread with curry like thing to make meal craving full and palatable. You can even have rice too but it should be boiled. Have it with green leafy veggie salad and curry to satisfy your want to have something edible and nutritious. You can prepare even a simple juice too by mixing water, fruit and honey in a mixer.